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Schemxy Girl Book Blog

Bookgasm. Mature Angst.

Those two terms up there are two of our favorite terms coined by one of our favorite blogs, Schmexy Girl Book Blog.

Jesey, Jen, & Roxie are three of the coolest chicks out there in the book world. We adore these amazing women and their kick-ass reviews. They also have a group on FB called All Things Schmexy. You NEED to follow these girls and join the group if want great book recs and to chat with awesome readers.

Author Groupies

Rebecca, Nicole, Ebbie, Chelsea, Kim & Shameca from Author Groupies are six of our favorite bloggers. They do a “What Are You Reading Wednesday” Post that we follow religiously. And we had the pleasure of asking them some questions.


1. You get one hot date with one famous Tom. Which one would it be?
1. Tom Brady
2. Tom from Myspace
3. Tom Hanks
4. Tom Hardy
5. Tom Hiddleston

Nicole: Hardy
Ebbie: Brady
Tammi: Hardy
Shameca: Hardy

2. If you had to be Kylie Jenner’s lips or Kim Kardashian’s ass for a day, which would you choose? (Honestly, we’re not sure we could choose. At first, we think, Kylie Jenner’s lips for sure, but then who knows where that mouth goes?)

Nicole: Lips
Ebbie: Lips
Tammi: Lips
Shameca: Lips

3. If one musician/band agreed to play you a private concert, who would you choose?

Nicole: Aerosmith
Ebbie: Matchbox 20
Tammi: Adam Levine/Maroon 5
Shameca: Paramore

4. Name your last 5 star “Bookgasm” read.

Nicole: Drop Dead Sexy by Katie Ashley
Ebbie: Wherever it Leads by Adriana Locke
Tammi: Honesty by Seth King

5. Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles?

Nicole: Sixteen Candles
Ebbie: Pretty in Pink
Tammi: Sixteen Candles
Shameca: Pretty in Pink

6. Morning Person or Night owl?

Nicole: Night Owl
Ebbie: Night Owl
Tammi: Night Owl
Shameca: Night Owl

7. Which do you prefer?
1. Pina Coladas
2. Getting caught in the rain
3. Both 1 and 2. Jimmy Buffet, hell yeah!

Nicole: #1
Ebbie: #3
Tammi: #3
Shameca: #3

8. Giving or Receiving? (Gifts, not oral, you dirty, dirty girls)

Nicole: Giving
Ebbie: Giving
Tammi: Giving
Shameca: Giving

9. Magic Mike or Magic Mike XXL?

Nicole: Magic Mike XXL
Ebbie: Magic Mike
Tammi: Magic Mike
Shameca: Magic Mike XXL

10. Cupcakes or Cupcakes? (There’s no wrong answer here.)

Nicole: Cupcakes
Ebbie: Cupcakes
Tammi: Cupcakes
Shameca: Cupcakes

Red Cheeks Reads

Would you rather Mornin’ or Good Night?

We love Amie and Miranda from Red Cheek’s Reads. They post the hottest "Mornin' and Good Night" hot guy pics (like this one here) and their reviews are so much fun!

Seriously, they give FANTASTIC book recs.