Max Monroe has already been published in several languages/countries with many more projects in the works! 


They will try their very hardest to keep this page updated with each new international release, but please be patient because the foreign publishing process can take some time. 


Publishers, for all interest in foreign/international rights please contact Meire Dias at

Polish (Poland)

ZLAPAC MILIONERA (Tapping The Billionaire)

Zakochać się na zabój (Banking The Billionaire)

German (Germany)

Dr. Charming (Dr. OB)


Dr. Womanizer (Dr. ER)


Dr. Heartbreaker (Dr. NEURO)


Italian (Italy)

Come Far Perdere La Testa al Capo (Tapping The Billionaire)


French (France)

Docteur ou Séducteur (Dr. OB)


Médicin ou Coquin? (Dr. ER)


Savant ou Charletan? (Dr. NEURO)


Croatian (Croatia)

The Billionaire Boss Next Door is under contract with Croatian publisher 24SATA and in production

Hebrew (Israel)

The Girl in the Painting and Wildcat and Pick Six are under contract with Hebrew publisher S. Simson and in production