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Welcome to Cold, Montana, where the town is smaller than a shoebox and their biggest claim to fame is a serial killer who murdered several local girls.

The town would rather forget and move on, but the case haunts lead police detective Levi Fox to his very core. By murdering Levi’s police partner Grace Murphy, the killer made it personal.

But no one can make mystery and tragedy sexy like Hollywood, and a film crew with budding starlet Ivy Stone descends on the small town. Like it or not, the razzle-dazzle of ready, set, action is coming to Cold.

Levi Fox wants nothing to do with the movie—or the distractingly beautiful actress—but his captain agreed to make him an official liaison for any and all facts about the case.

The only silver lining of being Hollywood’s primary source of information? Levi can control what they know. And he vows to take some details to his grave.

Only he and the killer know the truth.



**Note: As this series is darker in nature, some sensitive scenes and/or subject matter may be present. Cliffhanger warnings are present for Stone and Cold.

What readers are saying...


What do I even say? Where do I begin??

Max Monroe are a pair of my favs. I can always count on them for snort inducing, laugh out loud, shouldn’t read their books in public, laughs. But Stone?! OMG. The feels! The intense emotion, the build up of these characters and their passion....I have no words, other than ONE-CLICK THIS BOOK NOW!!!!! This feels like that heart pounding trek up the first hill on a roller coaster and I cannot wait for the free fall that will be Cold (book 2)! Max Monroe, you have just outdone yourselves and catapulted this book to the top of my reread all the time list!!

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