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Scoring Her
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Scoring Her

The end of the Billionaire Bad Boy era, the series comes to a close.

From Kline and Benny to Wes and Winnie with Thatch and Cassie in between, spend time with the characters that have stolen the hearts of both each other and readers alike, and meet the men of the upcoming spinoff series Mavericks Tackle Love.

What readers are saying...


I can't even believe this was the last of the series! So sad but this was beyond beautiful, sexy, and fun!!!

The whole gang is back for one last trip to the Bahamas. Kline and Georgia finally get their dream come true (shredded some tears here). Thatch and Cassie are crazier than ever but we also get some sweet heartfelt moments with them. And Wes and Winnie get an HEA for the record books.

I can not even express my love for this author duo enough or my obsession with this series!!!! This is once every few years do you find something this rare. The writing is fresh, amazing, and visual. You are in this group of friends feeling every emotion and laughing at every antic right along with them. This is a purple unicorn book that has EVERYTHING in spades (quick witted writing, hilarious characters, the steamiest sex scenes, devotion, friendship at its purest, and love.

Although I'm sad to see the series end I'm more excited to see what is in store for us next!

Bring on the sexy Mavericks please!

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