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Question: What would you do if you lost your best friend’s horse?

Relax. This is purely hypothetical.

But, seriously, what would you do?

It’s an easy Sunday at home while your wife’s at work, and you look away for two minutes to make lunch for a couple of demanding toddlers. Somehow, by magical mist or advanced parkour, the monster is gone.

Okay, fine. It’s not hypothetical. The guy off of work is me, Thatcher Kelly, and the horse I lost is actually Kline’s ginormous dog.

But I still have his kids and demon cat, along with my own child and pig. I’m practically batting .667 at this point, and that’s a pretty good average. Right?

Or one short jump from the devil’s number.


What readers are saying...

I may or may not have peed myself in laughter.....

I can't even with Max Monroe sometimes!! I think I laughed the entire book. No wait, I know I did. I think I shed tears I laughed so hard the entire book. No wait, I know I did. I think I peed myself a few times. No, I really did. But what else could you possibly expect from Max Monroe?? This short novella is everything I needed to have some serious Mother's Day laughs and I love them even more for doing something so wonderful for all of their fans! As usual soon as I finish reading about our Bad Boys...I just crave more! And more and more and more!!! Seriously......this book is over the top crazy, just like Cassie......and I loved every single word. Do yourselves a huge the dang book....and you should probably empty our bladder before you begin. Just a little PSA ya know?! "He's not going to be bigger than Ace. And his head isn't going to be "Thatch-size." My manliness is like Maybelline, you're not born with it"--Thatcher

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