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Dr. OB
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Dr. OB

Never mix business with pleasure.

Sound, easy-to-follow advice, until you find yourself fantasizing about your boss twenty-four hours a day.

Dr. Will Cummings is the star of a medical reality show that’s practically blown up overnight in popularity, and I’m the new nurse at his practice.

Unfortunately for me, I’m also the nurse who made a completely awkward first impression by introducing myself while he was in the middle of a pap smear and ending the day by accidentally showing him my ta-tas.

Yes, that’s right. I gave my new boss a peep show. Gah.

You’d think I’d have already put in my resignation and moved to Alaska, but no. I’m still here, getting to know just how much more Dr. Will is than a handsome face.

He’s funny, charming, and the kind of strong, successful man any woman would be lucky to land...including me.

Especially me.

I know he’s off-limits, but when it comes to my fantasies, the hot doctor is in.

What readers are saying...

I have never laughed this hard before!!

Seriously, this was hands down THE funniest book ive ever read! I couldn't put it down, which meant I was up til 2 A.M. reading. I was laughing so hard I woke up my husband and was banished to the couch. Worth it. Please keep writing, the world needs more of this!

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