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Dr. Neuro
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Dr. Neuro

Red flag: I’m crushing hard on a broody brain surgeon who keeps his emotions close to the vest.

But hello, pot. Meet kettle. 


I’m the woman who, many years ago when I was young and naïve, left a man at the altar and hasn’t been in a relationship since.

Dr. Nick Raines is a brilliant neurosurgeon, hot as sin, and the newest doctor on the popular reality show The Doctor Is In, and I’m the woman who was tasked with stealing him away from his current hospital and convincing him to head up a brand-new facility aching to get his brilliance on their team.

He declined their offer on account of staying in New York for his little girl, and truthfully, my contact with him as his headhunter should’ve ended there.

But it didn’t, and now I’m wading a little too far in the deep end of the adult-emotions pool with Dr. Silent-and-Broody.

And if that weren’t already problematic enough, the world is a little too small, and my horrible past decisions are about to cause one giant complication.

Do two red flags cancel each other out? Or do they set you up for double the heartbreak?

What readers are saying...


I think this has to be one of the best books in this genre that I have ever read!!!!!I loved every second of it.....every laugh out loud....every tear....every romantic moment, sex scene, friendship and endearing warmth of the story line.

Many thanks to the authors for giving us such a beautiful epilogue. I love when books don't abruptly end but carry on long enough to leave me with a very satisfied and contented feeling which this one so beautifully does !!!!!

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